The Elsa, Basile, Emile collections


Renowned for the quality of its materials and the mastery of their work, Duvivier Canapés is very pleased to celebrate and unveil, on the occasion of Paris Design Week 2022, the acquisition of a new know-how, a new technique of leather work. A skill that exalts the elegance and suppleness of the material: weaving.

This mastery, borrowed from fashion and until now rarely used in the world of design, allows the creation of reliefs, contrasts of colours or textures, while preserving the flexibility and integrity of the material.

Weaving is used to checkmate the pawn on a regular chessboard and then to disappear in order to model, in positive or negative, all sorts of geometric figures.

Sometimes triangle, square or rhombus, the straps slide, knot or fringe. They also play with light and colour and sometimes reveal their reverse side.

Braiding, such a versatile ancestral technique, is resolutely modern. It is the artisanal translation of the digital world. A reality that we apprehend through a mesh of small squares: the pixels.