This section will help you get started with your Complete profile. We'll guide you through the basic steps that you need to follow before you can start your project.

1. Registration

Fill in all the necessary data required and enter confirmation code that comes to the e-mail you entered.

You are registered!

2. My projects

When you start working on your project you push the button CREATE PROJECT and enter all the data relevant for it.

You add rooms that you want to furnish and go forward to specification where you add products to a specific room by clicking at the item you like and stating the quantity needed. Once you added, make your choice, put a tick and the item will be sent to the manager for calculation.

The manager sees the request, and if necessary, changes the price with regard to finishing or material and changes the status to “calculated”.

3. Payment procedure

You can select the product and place it in order.

Then you are forwarded to order page where you can pay for the order. After the receipt of payment the manager changes the status of the order to “Paid” that is highlighted in your profile.

4. Packaging and dispatch

When your order is ready for dispatch you will receive the note with approximate date of delivery and the manager will keep you informed upon the progress.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we can provide you with full service starting with consultation with an architect or designer

We have stable and long-lasting cooperation with most of the best brands and designers all over the world including Europe, both Americas, Asia and Australia.

Yes, our COMPLETE includes online store that gives you a variety of choices to any taste

The client is provided with all the necessary documents including sales contract, bill, warranty card.

We provide all the necessary services that will make you feel confident about your project. As we have accomplished many projects we have a big network of partners who specialize in transportation, warehousing and assembly whom we trust and can rely on.

This service is an extremely individual due to a lost list of details to be clarified therefore any request on turn-key project would be calculated separately.

As soon as all the details are checked and confirmed you will receive all the necessary documents. It may take from 30 minutes to several business days.

Surely, our managers will be happy to help you online and of course we have a client support to whom you could address any question that may arise.

You can use your credit card, bank transfer or PayPal payment system to pay for your order.

Yes, surely, you just need to send your question to our Consierge service or to the Support.

Our company has professional architects and designers on the stuff and we also cooperate with freelancers who have proved their expertise while working with us and our clients on numerous projects, so the answer is “Yes, surely”.

We have an approach to quality, functionality, and exquisite design, coupled with its strong passion and expertise when it comes to complying with any client’s needs and requirements. We never stop in development and we always strive to make the best assortment and superb service for the client.

We have several offices around the world, but our HQ are situated in Latvia, Riga.

We understand the specifics of the work of professionals of the sphere, and we want to address your needs. We offer you special benefits while working on our platform. Complete gives you an ultimate pleasure of enjoying the best prices and special conditions for the leading brands in global design.